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Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City in D.C.?

There is no auto body repair Salt Lake City shop in Washington, D. C. Why would there be? All auto body repair shops that are located in Washington, D. C. (to my knowledge) are not affiliated with other states or cities. They all just seem to be auto body repair shops that are located in Washington, D. C. But there might be a need for an auto body repair shop that caters only to people who have transplanted themselves from Salt Lake City, Utah to our nation’s capital. It is conceivable that people who miss their ancestral homeland will want something within Washington, D. C. to remind them of the things they left behind.


Just think about it. A person who grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah who went to school or got a job in Washington, D. C. will naturally have a fondness for the place where he or she lived his or her formative years. Washington, D. C. can be an intimidating city for someone experiencing it for the first time. Accordingly, it might be helpful to have something in Washington, D. C. that would serve to remind them of their roots.

What could be better to serve this purpose than an auto body repair shop that is designed to remind this person of the city in which they grew up. And we are not just talking about hanging a picture or two of the Mormon Temple in the waiting area. Nor are we talking about leaving a Book of Mormon on the coffee table amidst the other periodicals. What we are talking about is hiring Salt Lake City natives who both walk the walk and talk the talk. If we are going to do this, it should be authentic.