Over the River and Through the Woods to the Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

There is an old song made famous in the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving cartoon entitled “Over the River and Through the Woods.” The song progresses to reveal the destination of this trek which as it turns out is “Grandmother’s House.” My fellow D. C. Auto Geeks probably all have fond childhood memories traveling to a relative’s house to celebrate some holiday be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or some other holiday. In the Charlie Brown cartoon, we see the kids climbing into the back of a very spacious station wagon. For some reason we never see the adults. Even their voices are obscured. Perhaps this demonstrates the separate world that children live in.

Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City Never to be Seen

It is never revealed where the characters in the Charlie Brown universe live. Presumably they live in the United States and since we see snow in the Christmas cartoon we can assume they live somewhere in the North. The Midwest would be my best guess. We can probably rule out them living in the Salt Lake City area given the topography we see. So there is no chance that if the station wagon were to crash on the way to grandmother’s house that it would eventually find itself in an auto body repair Salt Lake City.

Be that as it may, there is no indication that a car accident even occurs in the first place. The cartoon ends with them en route. There is also a scene at the end where Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy and his bird friend Woodstock enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey and pumpkin pie. I often wonder if this could be considered a form of cannibalism. That is, Woodstock who is a bird himself is seen eating a turkey which is also a bird. True, they are different species of birds so perhaps it is not something to actually worry myself about.