Salt Lake City Garage Door Requires Regular Maintenance to Last Longer

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Garage Door Maintenance

Are you running late and are stuck now dealing with your garage door issues? It is a must to ascertain the smooth operation of your garage door so that it lasts for years. Thus, it means buying quality garage doors in Salt Lake City is not enough. To keep it long-lasting, following simple maintenance is essential.

Maintenance Tips

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Lubrication in small amounts goes a long way in preventing noise. It also keeps the garage door operation in condition. You may grease using a spray lubricant, the drive screw, or the chain of the door opener. It is good to lubricate the door rollers, hinges, and tracks.

Check Hardware

Your Salt Lake City garage door in a day moves several times up and down. Thus, it is not uncommon over time for the hardware to loosen. You may inspect the hardware and tighten the roller bolts or brackets that are loose.

Test the Door Balance

If the garage door is not in balance, each time, the opener will have difficulty and must work harder. It means it will not last long. Disconnect the opener by releasing the handle. Then lower or open the door halfway. Once your door holds the balance, you can leave it. Check the spring tension and ask the professional to adjust it.

Check the Auto-Reverse Feature

The feature of auto-reverse prevents injury.  Thus, it is a must to check it once a year so that it keeps working well. You may place brick or wood underneath the door. If your door functions correctly, it automatically reverses on contacting an object.

Inspect Door Parts Looking for Any Damage

The parts such as the doors cables and rollers get damaged. Thus, there is a need for regular inspection of the parts so that the door is free from damage. If you find any broken or damaged part, replace it immediately.