A Tale of D.C. Autos and Collision Repair Salt Lake City

This is Jerry the Geek and in today’s installment I would like to tell you the tale of how my D. C. auto came to require the services of a collision repair Salt Lake City shop. Actually, the facts of this story are pretty predictable. I drove my car which is registered in the District of Columbia (a. k. a. Washington, D. C.) all the way across country to the great state of Utah. I remember being in good spirits as I entered the Salt Lake City metro area. This good mood however was dashed on the rocks of despair when another car side swiped me causing no small amount of damage.


The operator of the other vehicle was friendly enough. He apologized profusely and accepted the blame for the accident. He told me that he had a friend who owned a collision repair shop located near by and promised me the guy would be fair and honest with me. I took him up on this proposal and made the call for the tow truck. After about a fifteen minute wait (which seemed more like a couple of hours) the tow truck pulled up.

After a short drive I found myself standing in the lobby of the collision repair shop. The mechanic looked my car over and told me I could be up and running by the following day. I was grateful the damage could be repaired in such a short amount of time and I took the opportunity to take in the sights of Salt Lake City. Certainly no visit to Salt Lake City would be complete without seeing Temple Square. So I called up an Uber and in no time at all I stood before the Mormon Temple. I ate dinner got a hotel and the next day returned to the collision repair shop to retrieve my car. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.