The Easy Step-by-Step DIY Guide to Use Bronco Hoist-A-Top Tool at Home

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Ford Bronco 2021

When the sun is shining, and the wind is blowing, it is time to take your Bronco out of the garage and go on a drive without the hardtop.

However, removing and reinstalling your Bronco Top Hoist can be a headache at times. The entire procedure takes time, and you may not always have someone to assist you.

This is when the Bronco Hoist-A-Top comes in handy! Thankfully, technological advancements have allowed us to remove our Bronco Top Hoist without straining our back muscles. Continue reading to learn how to use a Bronco Hoist-A-Top tool properly.

What to Do?

In this post, we will show you how to use a Lange Originals’ Bronco Hoist-A-Top tool. This is another manually driven Bronco Top Hoist that is well-liked by many users and is reasonably priced.

Step #1: Install the Hoist-a-Top Tool

First and foremost, you will need to have the Hoist-A-Top tool installed. The installation guide is included in the handbook, and you will only need a few basic hand tools to complete the task.

Step #2: Remove the Truck Hardtop

Now that you have properly installed the Hoist-A-Top tool in your garage, it is time to remove your truck’s hardtop. However, before you begin unscrewing any components, be certain that your vehicle is right beneath the Hoist-A-Top tool.

Once your Ford Bronco is in the proper position, immediately begin unscrewing all of the bolts and nuts. Keep them in a dedicated container, so you do not lose them the next time you want to reinstall the hardtop.

Step #3: Hook the Hard top to the Hoist-a-Top

The next step is hooking the hardtop to the Hoist-A-Top tool. Begin with the backside of the vehicle. Check that the hook is firmly attached to the window panel.

Then you may go on to the right side of the vehicle. Try to lift the hardtop a little, and you will see a gap between the roll-bar and the hardtop. Insert the hook into the gap with caution.

You may now repeat the previous procedure on the car’s left side. If you need some wiggle space for the hook, you can loosen the bolt on the hook and re-tighten it once the hook is firmly connected.

Step #4: Raise the Hardtop

The next step is to use the crank to raise your hardtop. Lift the hardtop carefully and ensure that all of the hooks are securely fastened. If any of the hooks wiggles too much, this indicates that they are not securely connected.

Step #5: Check if everything is Hooked Properly

Lastly, once you are sure that every part of the Broncos hardtop is properly hooked to the Hoist-A-Top, you can carefully move your car forward and start hitting the road!

What to Not Do?

As you can see, the Lange Originals’ Hoist-A-Top tool is quite easy to handle. However, this does not mean that you may use it recklessly. You should never do a few things to keep the tool running well and you and your car safe.

First, try to be aware of how high you elevate your hardtop. Always raise the hardtop a few inches so that your car may move freely.

Lifting the hardtop all the way to the ceiling will ultimately put unnecessary strain on the components. This clearly reduces the tool’s lifespan and may put the hardtop in danger of falling.

When attaching the hooks, try to lift the hardtop from the side rather than the bottom edge. This is to prevent your finger from being squeezed by the hardtop if one of the hooks fails.

More importantly, you should never replace the hand-crank device with a machine, such as a hand drill. If necessary, use the tool’s slowest speed. Any machine with a speed of more than 150 RPM will void the warranty.

Final Words

A hardtop hoist is simply a more practical method of removing and replacing your truck’s hardtop. Hardtop hoists, however, are not all the same. Each type differs in size and specifications.

If you own a Ford Bronco, you must purchase a Bronco Hoist-A-Top tool. When selecting a Bronco Top Hoist, consider an appropriate hardtop hoist in mind.

The greatest hoisting tools are long-lasting and can raise the whole weight of your truck’s roof without effort. They should also be simple to install and operate.