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Unique Aspects of Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

Auto body repair Salt Lake City is different than auto body repair in any other city in the United States of America or any other country for that matter. This has nothing to do with the Mormon Temple or the strange and restrictive alcohol consumption regulations. One might argue that auto body repair is uniquely different in any one location relative to any other location simply by virtue of the fact that no other location can share the same location with another location. There is probably some Euclidean property that defines this property. At any rate such a proposition is self evident.


Perhaps it has something to due with the salty quality of the air that blows off from the Great Salt Lake. Although, I once visited Salt Lake City many years ago and according to my recollection the lake is actually some distance away from the city. I could be wrong about that because it has been many years, I am using my recollection as a source and I refuse to actually look up this fact to confirm its veracity. Feel free to look it up yourself if you have read this far and are curious as to the answer to this question.

Perhaps it has something to do with the people who inhabit Salt Lake City. The capital of Utah is a frontier city at its heart. It was settled by people who wanted to get away from the East Coast aristocracy. This sensibility has been passed down through the generations and is most likely reflected in the auto body repair shops scattered throughout the city. I guess this is the difference that I have been trying to articulate since the first paragraph of this blog post.