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Zen and the Art of Collision Repair

A car is meant to be driven and as such it constantly exposed to a myriad of risk factors that over time accumulate and make it more and more likely that it will see the inside of an auto body repair Salt Lake City shop. Simply driving a car from point A to point B increases the chances that the car will get into an accident with another car. Moreover, the more a car is driven the more wear and tear its component parts will endure over time. All these factors accumulate to the point where it simply becomes inevitable that the car will find itself in the bay of an auto body repair shop. Even deciding not to drive a car and leaving it parked in the garage can be damaging to a car. So there really is no escaping it.

Once a car owner has resigned him or herself to the fact that the car they own will some day in all likelihood spend some time in an auto body Salt Lake City repair shop her or she will notice a certain ease of spirit descend upon them. This ease of spirit arises from the acknowledgement that if an event is inevitable there is no use in worrying about it. When all of this needless worry is jettisoned from the car owner’s life once and for good he or she then becomes free to truly live life abiding fully in their true self.

Once this serene state is achieved a funny thing will happen. That being, that the car owner will suddenly realize that the collision repair shop is not really repairing the car so much as it repairs the car owner’s soul. When a car owner’s soul has been repaired then the car (which is really a metaphor for the car owner’s soul) becomes superfluous except as a mode of transportation which is all it ever was in the first place.


20115 Porsche Macan

Researching Used Cars Utah

If you are looking for used cars Salt Lake City there are many options for you to choose from. Some used car dealerships will offer used cars in relatively good shape while some used car dealerships will offer used cars in relatively not so good shape. Moreover, some used car dealerships have good reputations and some will have relatively bad reputations. This is why when you are in the market for a used car it is crucially important to preform at least some research regarding the reputation of the used car dealerships you will be visiting. Fortunately there are many avenues to perform your due diligence available on the internet.

Even performing a simple Google search using the name of the particular used car dealerships in Salt Lake City you have in mind will render a good deal of information. In addition to Google there are many other business review sites that can be used to determine if a used car dealership is reputable or not. Many people choose to use Angie’s list, the better business bureau, Bing places, Citysearch, consumer reports and Demand Force for example. Any of these websites are likely to produce a wealth of information regarding the particular used car dealership in Salt Lake City that you choose to research.

One of the most important pieces of information you should look for when you research a particular used car dealership in Salt Lake City is the customer review. The prior experiences of customers who have actually visited the used car dealership can be an invaluable source of data regarding how your experience will be when you actually visit the dealership. As such it makes tremendous sense to read these reviews in order to get a sense of the dealership prior to spending your hard earned money.

Discover the Different Services in Collision Repair Salt Lake City Offers

Discover the Different Services in Collision Repair Salt Lake City Offers

When considering collision repair Salt Lake City has offerings for all situations the require a collision repair shop. Maybe you have never used a collision repair shop. This is a great place to see both what a collision repair shop would offer and what benefits you can get from a collision repair shop. Here are a few mainstays.

Repair of the Bumper

This is one of the most common types of issues a collision repair shop would solve. The reason is because vehicle design places the bumper closest to impact to save the rest of the vehicle body at a lower cost of repair to you. Collision repair shops can also benefit you by volume discounts on common repairs on items like bumpers.

Dent Removal and Repair

Just think of all the ways your vehicle can get a ding or dent. From the supermarket parking lot to slippery roads to poles lower than your vehicle windows you can get dents that require removal. Because of this you should expect any collision repair shop to be very experienced in dent removal and repair.

Repair of Hail Damage

This is another type of dent removal and repair. If you have recently experienced hail damage you will quickly see the many smaller dents across the top surfaces of your vehicle. In this type of damage caused by hail storms many repair shops have a reputation for being experts in the repair of hail damage. In fact some times temporary hail damage repair experts will pop up. But these experts are not equipped to handle most other repairs that a collision repair shop can whereas a collision repair shop offers both.

Repair of Auto Paint

Whether you have paint damage from external factors like road debris or shopping carts you can expect a collision repair shop to be able to fix this. Auto paint and blending it with existing paint is another service offered by collision repair shops since the beginning of the industry so this is an area of benefit you can expect to find.

These are just a few common benefits you can find at a collision repair shop. With a little research you will be amazed at how advances in the collision repair shop industry will find ways to save you time and money.