New DC Made Album – Tim Whalen

Guys, I have to say that I am so stoked! There’s nothing like jamming out to your music in a car that’s been set up for audio correctly, with music that matches the setting and it’s always better when one of your favorite artists releases a new album. What made it cooler was that one of my favorites, Tim Whalen, just recording right here in Washington DC! If I had known he was around the corner, I would have tried to get in to see him!

As one of DC’s favored jazz pianists, composers, and even arrangers, most of us that enjoy Jazz in the DC area know of Tim. He’s played all around town and teamed up with other outstanding musicians to have several sold out venues, ranking from Smithsonian, to local bars around town. He’s outstanding to listen to live, but wait until you put the music in the car! It can completely envelop you and leave you feeling like he’s right there playing with you. Someday, I’m gonna have to post how to get the best audio out of your auto, but until that time, you just need to make sure to pick the right music for the job and Tim’s stuff is great.

I just had to post and tell everything that Tim released a new album, that he recording right here in the DC recording studio from Blue House Productions. I’ve heard they record all styles of music and have some outstanding equipment and recording rooms, although you’ll not want to be hearing my singing voice. Stick to Tim’s new album Oblivion: the Music of Bud Powell and trust me, you’ll thank me later. You can grab it right off his site at Way to go Tim and Blue House – it’s a win for DC

Best Trucks/ SUVs of 2015

It’s always exciting to see the new models each year and as we near the time when we’ll already begin to be seeing next year’s trucks, I thought it would be great to take a look at some of the best trucks of 2015.  I grabbed some of these images from

2015 Ford 150Ford 150

While it’s been the best-selling vehicle in the industry, it finally received a long-awaited redesign this year. The changes brought about more extensive use of aluminum allowing the truck to actually be lighter, greatly improving gas mileage, but managed not to sacrifice any of it’s “cojones” in the process.

2015 Jeep RenegadeJeep Renegade

I’ve always loved the hamster commercials and the Renegade looks like a Jeep Wrangler and a Kia Soul got together and did what hamsters do best. The outcome? A compact crossover that boasts a 2.4 liter, turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with up to 184 horses to back it up. It also comes with a “trail rated” 4×4 system. How fun can you make a hamster look alike.

2015 Lincoln MKCLincoln MKC

Alright, now this is just a mighty release. While the basis is picked from the Ford Escape, this is the luxury version. Eco-boost, 2.3 liter turbo-four – so it’s acting like a 6 cylinder with all the bells and whistles you could want from a luxury crossover.

20115 Porsche MacanPorsche Macan

Now who doesn’t love a Porsche? Well, to be honest there’s been a couple of mishaps in their run (Panamera). The sporty Macan is destined to become one of Porsche’s most popular models. It rivals the Audi q5, but with more…. Porsche-like aggression and performance. To top it off, it is just as quick as the 911 Carrera sports coup but much more affordable.

With a little bit of everything, I think that’s a great cross-section. If you didn’t see yours there, don’t be discouraged, or worse yet angry, just shoot me a line and let me know and we can always make another list.

Highlight from the Washington DC Auto show

The Washington DC Auto Show is always a blast.  The 2015 DC Auto Show was no disappointment.   Here’s 10 of the many highlights about the Washington Auto Show of 2015; I really think you’ll enjoy reading them!

  1. Usually the Auto show lasts 5 days, but this year it lasted 10! Also with opening hours between 10am and 10pm some days, the two story convention center allows even more time for more residents to enjoy the latest innovations and technologies.
  2. autoshow-hands-onThe “Hands on” contest is back on this year! A Hyundai Sonata is up for grabs this year in the hands on contest. All contestants must physically maintain contact with the car at all times, apart from a 15 minute break every 3 hours. The last person to keep contact with the car wins it!
  3. 2015 Green car awards. This year, the Green SUV of the year award went to the stunning Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel for its excellent fuel efficiency and is approval for B20 biodiesel use. It outdid its finalists including, the Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, Lexus NX 300h and Mazda CX-5.
  4. 2015 Green car awards. This year’s luxury green car award goes to the BMW i8, with its sleek finish and exceptional performance. With a gasoline engine, the i8 can drive on battery power for 22 miles and up to 310 miles on hybrid power. Its competitors being the Audi A8 L TDI, Cadillac ELR, Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid and Tesla Model S.
  5. For the kids, there will be an exceptional amount of characters to keep them entertained, too! Guests include; Spongebob and Patrick, Red Bird from Angry Birds, Lego Movie Characters, Star Wars Characters and more!
  6. There will be a few celebrity guests, including WWE’s Randy Orton, NFL Legend Charley Taylor, NFL Legend Dave Butz, NFL Legend Mark Moseley and more!
  7. There are so many exotic cars to see at the Auto Show, including plenty of different models of Rolls Royce, McLaren, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Some these beauties are even used for car service in West Palm Beach. They’re definitely the show stoppers!
  8. New technology will be on show at the Auto Show, Including Toyota’s hydrogen powered FCV model concept, which may be offered to consumers as soon as next year! The fuel cell converts hydrogen’s energy to electricity that charges the car’s battery, all that needs to be used is clean water. They will make a huge impact and be a great long term solution to the environment.
  9. Ride N’ Drive is a great experience for anyone that wants to drive a different model of car, and look at the new features from the inside. There’s so many cars to choose from, like; Toyota, Mazda, Scion, Kia etc.
  10. With over 700 vehicles on display and in so many different makes, there will surely be so much to see! With new and improved body types, to new materials and eco-saving fuel.

I loved the show and can’t wait to go again next year.  You can keep up-to-date at