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2015 checy corevette

A Strange Conversation with an Auto Body Mechanic

TD : Why did you bring your car into my auto body repair Salt Lake City shop?


BS : I need the front right bumper of the car repaired because I accidentally ran over a large Canada goose walking across the street last night.

TD : Mr. Sackman, your “side” CANNOT CONCEIVE of objective Supremacy and so can only delusionally attempt to “perfect” one’s self.

BS : What do you mean? What does that have to do with the damage to my car?

TD : And there is a marked difference between striving towards objective Supremacy and working to “improve yourself” ESPECIALLY when one rejects objective Supremacy as a “first principle.”

BS : I don’t understand. What is objective supremacy?

TD : I have told you many times that Objective Supremacy means Perfection.

BS : What does that have to do with my car?

TD : In order for me to make your car Perfect, you must believe in objective Supremacy.

BS : I believe in perfection.

TD : As I said, there is a difference between striving towards objective Supremacy and working to improve yourself.

BS : What is the difference?

TD : Striving towards objective Supremacy means to strive towards the Perfection that is God. Self improvement is a vanity.

BS : Are we talking about me or my car?

TD : You brought your car into my collision repair Salt Lake City for a reason. You want to make your car perfect again. You should want to make yourself Perfect again.

BS : I don’t really understand what you are talking about. I brought my car here because I accidentally hit a Canada goose. I was driving too fast because I was late for a meeting. It was dark outside and I wasn’t paying attention and so I hit that goose. I feel horrible about it. I wish I could take it back but I can’t.