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Box Truck Memories

When I graduated from college I drove a delivery truck for a wholesale flower distributor in Connecticut. The year I spent driving this truck was a great driving educational experience. For one thing, the box truck I drove was larger than anything I had driven before so I needed to become more vigilant about my surroundings than I had to be with the Ford Escort I normally drove. The truck had no rear view mirror because the truck’s storage area blocked any possible view of what was behind me. As such I had to rely primarily upon the truck’s side mirrors. I drove the truck through all four seasons. Navigating the truck through snow taught me how to react properly in slippery conditions. I had to learn how to find the various flower shops on my delivery route. This sharpened my sense of direction and spatial intuition which is a skill that is becoming rarer in the age of the GPS. As an aside, I have definitely noticed this ability has atrophied since I started to rely on GPS.

Another thing I learned while driving that box truck was how to deal with other people. People are intimidated by vehicles larger than their own. When I had to change lanes on the highway people were more apt to get out of my way than they would if I was driving my Ford Escort. Other people were more aggressive for some reason. One time while making a delivery in Greenwich, Connecticut I was in the process of pulling into a diagonal parking space on a downhill slope. The road had a bunch of other shops on it and was pretty busy. While I pulled into an open spot a woman tried to get to the spot before I did by pulling up into the blind spot on the right side. I felt my truck come in contact with her car and stopped immediately. A police officer was soon on the scene and the woman tried to blame the accident on me. I noticed that the bumper of her BMW that came into contact with my truck was held on by silver duct tape.

All that was long ago and now I split my time between Washington DC and Salt Lake City. So what is the point of this story? No point really except to treat every new experience as a chance to learn. Also do not forget to remain vigilant when driving  lest you need the assistance of an auto body repair shop in Salt Lake City.

20115 Porsche Macan

Best Trucks/ SUVs of 2015

It’s always exciting to see the new models each year and as we near the time when we’ll already begin to be seeing next year’s trucks, I thought it would be great to take a look at some of the best trucks of 2015.  I grabbed some of these images from

2015 Ford 150Ford 150

While it’s been the best-selling vehicle in the industry, it finally received a long-awaited redesign this year. The changes brought about more extensive use of aluminum allowing the truck to actually be lighter, greatly improving gas mileage, but managed not to sacrifice any of it’s “cojones” in the process.

2015 Jeep RenegadeJeep Renegade

I’ve always loved the hamster commercials and the Renegade looks like a Jeep Wrangler and a Kia Soul got together and did what hamsters do best. The outcome? A compact crossover that boasts a 2.4 liter, turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with up to 184 horses to back it up. It also comes with a “trail rated” 4×4 system. How fun can you make a hamster look alike.

2015 Lincoln MKCLincoln MKC

Alright, now this is just a mighty release. While the basis is picked from the Ford Escape, this is the luxury version. Eco-boost, 2.3 liter turbo-four – so it’s acting like a 6 cylinder with all the bells and whistles you could want from a luxury crossover.

20115 Porsche MacanPorsche Macan

Now who doesn’t love a Porsche? Well, to be honest there’s been a couple of mishaps in their run (Panamera). The sporty Macan is destined to become one of Porsche’s most popular models. It rivals the Audi q5, but with more…. Porsche-like aggression and performance. To top it off, it is just as quick as the 911 Carrera sports coup but much more affordable.

With a little bit of everything, I think that’s a great cross-section. If you didn’t see yours there, don’t be discouraged, or worse yet angry, just shoot me a line and let me know and we can always make another list.