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Good Friday, Body Shop Salt Lake City and Washington D.C.

What does Good Friday, a body shop Salt Lake City and Washington D. C. have in common? The answer to this question is that these three items are among Jerry the Geek’s favorite things of all time. First of all, I love Good Friday. Although I know that it is a somber occasion I also know that it is the doorstep (so to speak) to Easter Sunday. So in this way, I know that good things are around the corner. Jerry the Geek loves three things (in addition to automobiles) and one of those three things happens to be Easter.


The next item on Jerry the Geek’s list of favorites is the body shop. Now this body shop need not necessarily be located in Salt Lake City. If it is then so much the better but really it can be located in any city. The reason why I like body shops so much is because I love cars and I do not like to see cars suffer damage of any kind. This is where the body shop comes in. You see, a body shop is specifically designed to fix any sort of damage inflicted on a car.

Finally, the city of Washington, D. C. tops off Jerry the Geek’s list of favorites. Not only is Washington, D. C. my home but it is also the Capital of the United States of America. There is so much to do and see in this city. People come here from all over the country and the world to see the monuments and government buildings. They also come to see the many museums that make up the Smithsonian including the Air and Space Museum, the various art museums, the Native American museum, the African American museum and many others.

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Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City in D.C.?

There is no auto body repair Salt Lake City shop in Washington, D. C. Why would there be? All auto body repair shops that are located in Washington, D. C. (to my knowledge) are not affiliated with other states or cities. They all just seem to be auto body repair shops that are located in Washington, D. C. But there might be a need for an auto body repair shop that caters only to people who have transplanted themselves from Salt Lake City, Utah to our nation’s capital. It is conceivable that people who miss their ancestral homeland will want something within Washington, D. C. to remind them of the things they left behind.


Just think about it. A person who grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah who went to school or got a job in Washington, D. C. will naturally have a fondness for the place where he or she lived his or her formative years. Washington, D. C. can be an intimidating city for someone experiencing it for the first time. Accordingly, it might be helpful to have something in Washington, D. C. that would serve to remind them of their roots.

What could be better to serve this purpose than an auto body repair shop that is designed to remind this person of the city in which they grew up. And we are not just talking about hanging a picture or two of the Mormon Temple in the waiting area. Nor are we talking about leaving a Book of Mormon on the coffee table amidst the other periodicals. What we are talking about is hiring Salt Lake City natives who both walk the walk and talk the talk. If we are going to do this, it should be authentic.


A Tale of D.C. Autos and Collision Repair Salt Lake City

This is Jerry the Geek and in today’s installment I would like to tell you the tale of how my D. C. auto came to require the services of a collision repair Salt Lake City shop. Actually, the facts of this story are pretty predictable. I drove my car which is registered in the District of Columbia (a. k. a. Washington, D. C.) all the way across country to the great state of Utah. I remember being in good spirits as I entered the Salt Lake City metro area. This good mood however was dashed on the rocks of despair when another car side swiped me causing no small amount of damage.


The operator of the other vehicle was friendly enough. He apologized profusely and accepted the blame for the accident. He told me that he had a friend who owned a collision repair shop located near by and promised me the guy would be fair and honest with me. I took him up on this proposal and made the call for the tow truck. After about a fifteen minute wait (which seemed more like a couple of hours) the tow truck pulled up.

After a short drive I found myself standing in the lobby of the collision repair shop. The mechanic looked my car over and told me I could be up and running by the following day. I was grateful the damage could be repaired in such a short amount of time and I took the opportunity to take in the sights of Salt Lake City. Certainly no visit to Salt Lake City would be complete without seeing Temple Square. So I called up an Uber and in no time at all I stood before the Mormon Temple. I ate dinner got a hotel and the next day returned to the collision repair shop to retrieve my car. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

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Intro, Body Shop Salt Lake City and Conclusion

When giving a speech it is generally advisable to structure the speech so that it includes (1) an introduction, (2) a body shop Salt Lake City and (3) a conclusion. Speeches that are structured in this way will generally provide the audience with an easy to follow format. Having an easy to follow format is important so that the audience can understand what the speaker is saying and follow the logical progression of the speech. The introduction of the speech should set forth in a general way what the speech will be about. It should not take too long as the real meat and potatoes of the speech is in the body.


Suppose a speaker decides to give a speech on the subject of body shops that happen to be located in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the introduction the speaker might say something along the lines of, “Today I want to talk to you about body shops that are located in Salt Lake City.” That is all that is needed to set up the speech. From there the speaker can proceed to the body.

The body of the speech should ideally include three points related to the subject. Three possible points for discussion might include (1) What is a body shop and what type of work is performed there, (2) under what circumstances might one require the services of a body shop and (3) how might one find the best body shop to suit his or her particular needs. Each of these points might include three sub points to flesh them out. Of course this will all depend upon the time constraints for the speech. Three points per topic seems to be the best number in terms of making an impact on the audience. After the body of the speech comes the conclusion which is basically a condensed summary of what was covered in the body.