The Wendover Fun Bus Pays a Visit to Washington D.C.

TheĀ Wendover Fun Bus has paid a visit to our nation’s capital and there is nothing like touring Washington, D. C. in a chartered bus. This is especially true when the bus the passenger happens to be riding inside of is also designated to be a “fun” bus. But what exactly is a “fun” bus and why is it visiting Washington, D. C. of all places? The answer to the first question can be as simple or complex as a person wishes to experience. The simple answer to the question is that a fun bus is a bus that is fun to ride in.


The more complex answer to the question as to just what happens to constitute a “fun” bus requires (as might be expected) a bit more explanation. Yes, a fun bus is a bus that is fun to ride in. That much is probably obvious to most readers of the D. C. Auto Geek Blog. But what exactly makes a bus fun to ride inside? There are probably a great number of things that would transform an ordinary bus into a “fun” bus. For example, on board entertainment of some kind would certainly transform an ordinary bus into a “fun” bus.

The question has arisen somewhere between the first and second paragraphs as to whether the St George Shuttle happens to also be a fun bus presumably in the same manner that the Wendover Fun Bus is a fun bus. Obviously, there can be no objective answer to this question as what one person deems to be fun might not be fun to another person. However, even if we keep that in mind there are things that most people would consider fun and what most people consider to be fun is what we should consider in this analysis.

There’s No Park City Taxi in Washington, D.C.

The readers of the D. C. Auto Geek Blog know that there is no Park City Taxi in operation in the city of Washington. D. C. Why would there be? Park City is in the state of Utah which is very far away from Washington, D. C. So why would anyone even consider the possibility that such a transportation service might be operating in our nation’s capital? The simple answer to this question is that probably no one would consider this possibility. The more complex answer is probably much the same as the simple one in this regard.


So why then has a blog post been written on this subject if no one would actually consider the possibility presently up for consideration? The answer to this question is that just because a possibility is presently up for consideration and there is no chance that a person would consider it does not mean that it does not warrant a blog post. Perhaps it is the function of the blog post to raise awareness of the possibility and thus get people to consider it who might not otherwise do so.

It is in the spirit of the second paragraph of this blog post that the D. C. Auto Geek makes the following pronouncement. Yes there is no taxi service from Park City, Utah in operation within the Washington, D. C. metro area but this does not mean that this fact does not mean it is not worth considering the possibility of a thing. It just means that (as far as we are aware) this service does not exist. There are many things that do not exist which are worth considering and this happens to be one of them.



Le Bus Wendover Does Not Operate in Washington DC

Le Bus Wendover is a charter bus company that operates in Utah and currently does not operate in Washington D. C. This is a shame from the D. C. Auto Geek Blog’s perspective because this particular charter bus company is one of the best we have ever experienced. As many of the D. C. Auto Geek loyal readers can attest, we not only have a vast experience of the D. C. Auto Geek scene but we also have a vast array of experience as to the Utah Auto Geek Scene with particular emphasis in the Park City region.

There are Many Charter Bus Companies to Choose From

D. C. Auto Geek Blog readers know that there are many charter bus companies to choose from to take them where they want to go. This is true not only in the Washington, D. C. area but this also holds true for Utah and Park City as well. For that matter it will probably hold true for most other parts of the United States and Canada. I cannot speak as to the charter bus company coverage in Mexico with any authority but it stands to reason that where there is a need for such a service and people are willing and able to pay to have this need fulfilled that there will in fact appear one or more companies that come into being in order to service that particular need.

Therefore, if such a need exists and there is a company that has been created to service that need one might reasonably pose the question, why not take advantage of this service? The answer to this question is that there is no reason not to take advantage of this service so long as a person can afford it. As such, when we travel to Utah we do.