Damaged Steel Doors and Bruised Egos

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paint-peelingJimmy G and Bobby B were at it again in the in my auto body repair Salt Lake City. There I was sitting at my desk working on payroll when I hear them arguing about something in the garage. The thing is, they are always arguing about something out there. Most of the time I let them work it out on their own. But sometimes I just get sucked in. So even though I was listening to them argue it would appear to anyone observing me that I had my head buried in the pay roll books. But then I hear Jimmy G knocking on my door. At this point I know that he is coming in to ask me to arbitrate their dispute.

Jimmy G comes in the office and sits in the chair opposite me on the other side of the desk. I look up from my books as if I just noticed he was there. He proceeds to tell me that he and Bobby B are working on a damaged steel door outer panel that they had to replace. Jimmy G tells me that he told Bobby B that the damaged panel should be removed by grinding away the outer edge with a disc grinder. That seemed right to me but he goes on to tell me that Bobby B insisted that the panel had to be attached by tack welding. Jimmy G then looks at me with those puppy dog eyes waiting for me to tell him that he is right and Bobby B is wrong.

As is usually the case with these disputes the two of them are talking about two different things that do not necessarily conflict with one another. It took me a long time to explain this to Jimmy G however. He is a smart guy when it comes to fixing cars but he is not so bright when it comes to common sense. Luckily I am here sitting in my collision repair Salt Lake City ready to set them straight.