Know the Details That Make a Good Jeep Top Hoist and Removal of the Hardtop

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A few things to look while buying a jeep top hoist begins with considering the if the jeep top hoist is compatible. Does it meet the required model specification?

There are variations in the design and size of the hardtop, so ensure to get the right fit. There should be no damage done to the top.  Check product specifications to know the model and the years to get product compatibility.

Make sure it works in the space you keep your car. Whether you store the jeep top in a barn or a garage, you should make sure the lift operates correctly in the space. The ceiling height is the biggest factor to take into consideration. In general, a ceiling of 10-foot will work the best with most hoists. You can double-check the product specifications to ensure it works suitably with the height. Rope can be added sometimes if the roof is higher than recommended, but if it is low, you may be out of luck. Another point to consider is the installation process.

Although it is valuable to save time in the long run, you cannot afford to miss the time taken to install. Finally, check the lift is powered; they can be done by an electric winch or by hand. The jeep top hoist hand-powered units are less expensive but require more effort.

Removal of Jeep Hardtop

The removal steps of a hardtop in most wrangler models are simple. Here is a list of steps to walk through the process:

  • For models of 4-door, the freedom panels must be removed for the hardtop to come off. Disengage the 6 black clips to have the panels removed from the frame. Start from the driver’s side and at a time, remove one panel.
  • Unscrew bolts located on the light sides.
  • Unplug the wire controlling the washer fluid and rear wipers
  • Unscrew the bolts of the vehicle body and remove the jeep top using a jeep top hoist or with two people.

Reverse the step, while you put back the hardtop.